New Teasers for you!

I’ve updated the Teasers section for you.  There is a chapter of the new story I’ve been writing at Camp NaNoWriMo, which takes Humphrey’s story on from after he left Arbor – the Prologue of The Princelings and the Lost City.

You can read that Prologue using the Amazon Look Inside feature if you wish.

The new chapter (no 3) shows Humphrey after he has met up with a group of exiles.  They set off on a simple trip to market… and of course it all goes wrong.

The teaser from Lost City has now been removed, since Amazon requires exclusivity in its Kindle Select Programme.  I’m not sure whether one chapter and a link back to the Amazon purchase page actually counts, but best to be safe.  I may put it back again later, since it is my favourite chapter of all the books so far.


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