Coming Soon – the Princelings Trilogy in paperback

In an exciting new development, I am working with my editor and illustrator to produce a paperback version of the Trilogy!  We are using the facilities of CreateSpace, an Amazon company, to produce it as a ‘print on demand’ book.  This means that when you buy it on Amazon, it is printed and despatched for you.  My initial investigation of costs and pricing suggests that it shouldn’t cost more than an ordinary mass-market paperback, depending on the delivery costs.

I know a lot of people prefer books still.  I like having them around the house, although I must admit I find actually reading a kindle app on my notebook computer easier, for light and font size as much as anything.  I decided to do the three books in one volume in order to give you something extra.  They will have all the chapter illustrations and the individual covers too, although these will be in black and white (greyscale), I’m afraid.

It looks like the whole book will run to around 400 pages, using one of the smaller sizes – the same as the UK Harry Potter paperbacks.  It’s one of the standard sizes.  I wandered round picking up books from my shelves deciding which I preferred, and that was it!  I’m currently working on the long-awaited map of the realms to put in it too.  It may just be the southern half of the country for the time being, since we’ve not gone further north than Vexstein in the trilogy.  Hugo goes further north in his book, which is now being edited.  The Traveler in Black and White should be out in November.  The cover concept has been settled and I have yet to start on the illustrations.  I’ll finish the editing first.

I’ll keep you posted on the expected arrival of the Trilogy in your Amazon stores worldwide.  You’ll be able to buy the books from this website when it’s all set up, too.


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