Trilogy launch and pre-release review offer

The Princelings of the East – The Trilogy is set to launch w/c October 21st.  The cover is nearly done, the contents are ready, the final edit and compilation is needed.

Draft coverWould you like an advance copy for review?  If you can commit to posting a review on Amazon (and Goodreads if you’re a member) within two weeks of the launch date, I will send you a pre-release copy by email and follow it up with a completely free copy of the paperback when your review goes live.

It’s a 400 page volume complete with the illustrations and front covers (in greyscale) of the three books.  The three stories run to around 120,000 words in total.

If you would like to commit to this, leave a comment below with your email address (will be held for moderation and will not appear online) and I will contact you by email.


If you believe you have left a comment and not heard from me then email jemima dot pett at btinternet dot com before 31st October 2012.


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