Greetings, new readers

The last free days of The Princelings and the Lost City are over, and many more people downloaded it than I had anticipated.  Thank you so much, especially all those followers who tweeted it or shared it with their friends in other ways.  I hope you enjoy reading it – please click the ‘Like’ button on the Amazon page or, if you feel braver, add a review – it only has to be 20 words long!

Lost City completes its exclusive period on Amazon on 21st October, so will appear on Smashwords in all formats by the end of the month.  It should appear in other eBook stores like B&N, Kobo, Sony iBookstore, and so on by early November.

What with the print copy of the Trilogy due out w/c 21st October and the fourth eBook, The Traveler in Black and White due out 15th November (which I realise I haven’t said much about yet), it’s a really busy time!  Who said there was a Christmas rush to be fulfilled?

I’ve entered one of my books into a package of a Giveaway of a new Kindle (the $499 one) with 500 books on it.  I’ll give you the full details when the draw goes live in early November.




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