Trilogy uploaded and proofed

The Trilogy has now been uploaded and proofed at Createspace, and wouldn’t you know it, even after what seems like hundreds of editing read-throughs I still found three mistakes.   And that’s just for the Trilogy.  The three books themselves have been proofed and edited at least a dozen times each.  How do these things slip through? (Don’t answer that).

It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get the proof copy through unless I spend a fortune on the mailing costs, so I’ve worked from the pdfs they’ve sent, and I am very happy that we are finally there.

I’ve made those same amendments in the new edition of Lost City that will be published on Smashwords next week, and in the other ebookstores a week or so later.  I’ll wait for an opportune moment to upload the revised edition for Kindle.  The is also a revised version of Princelings, the first book, but both of these are minor edits rather than the changes made to the start of Pirates which warranted an ‘edition 2’.

As soon as the Trilogy is on sale, I’ll add a button to my eStore on this site.  You can have the paperback just in time for Christmas!


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