What’s in store for 2013

I thought you might like to have an idea of what might happen here in the coming year.

First up, there are plans for two new books: The Way West (Humphrey’s story) and Victor’s Story.  Humphrey’s story was written last year for Camp NaNoWriMo and needs quite a lot of editing, but I hope to bring it out in April.  Victor’s story is set a couple of years later, but I got stuck with it, and it needs a lot of work if I am to bring it out before the year ends, as I hope.  Some important things happen in it, as far as the development of my world goes, but I also have a number of characters in it who have appeared before, and their actions need to be absolutely consistent with my overall timeline.  Timeline?  Yes, believe it or not, there is a bigger picture to the stories, and increasingly I’m finding I need to have that bigger picture much clearer so I can weave the strands of the other stories together.  It’s fun!

Secondly there will be some special content available only here, and probably some competitions too.  This is where I have to take a clear dividing line between this website and my blog, which tends to have more works in progress, reviews and musings.  I am hoping to take part in a blog tour in the summer, which is the on-line equivalent of an author signing, so I think that will involve the website here.

Of course you will continue to get all the news of the books and where to get them, and special offers posted here.  Once I get a good regular readership I’ll be able to give you some exclusive offers, so do encourage your friends to read the books and follow the website.  Reviews and clicking the ‘like’ button on your eReader store page (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the iBookstore etc) make all the difference to how many other people see the books.  I’d never done an online review before I started publishing, so I know it feels strange, but it’s the biggest gift you can give an author!

I’m signing up to read 30 books with Goodreads this year.  I think it’s good for me to read other authors and especially other older children’s books.  I hope you have a very enjoyable year with lots of excellent reading. Thank you for your support in 2012.


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