Solve a riddle for 50% off Pirates

A competition for you! Solve the riddle below and you should arrive at a 5 digit code (letters and numbers) that will give you 50% off the price of the Princelings and the Pirates at Smashwords.  You can download it for any format – Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iPad… or just for reading in your browser.  50% means it’s only $1.50, which is probably around £1 in UK money.

The Princelings and the Pirates is the second book in the Princelings trilogy.  Prince Lupin is unhappy to discover that the wine deliveries haven’t arrived, and since the messengers haven’t returned, he sends Fred and George to investigate.   Kidnapped, threatened with walking the plank, shipwrecked, they escape and find themselves at Castle Marsh, where an unknown female named Kira is staying in Uncle Vlad’s apartments, and an unknown king is now on the throne.  The entanglement continues as they are drawn into the Battle of Dimerie.  Fighting on the beaches and the cliffs, Fred finds his true love while George suffers quite a different fate.

Now for the riddle!

My first is in mother but never in throne;

My second’s a lover but not over-thrown;

My third is a number – that’s two cubed, you know;

My fourth is its double,  maids milking or so!

My fifth is for Kira, our heroine’s start

and my whole will provide our piratical part!

I hope you can solve it with no trouble – click ‘buy’ at the website here and enter the code at the checkout, press ‘update’ and you should be able to buy Pirates for $1.50 instead of $2.99.  This code is valid till the end of June 2013.


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