Three new Princelings short stories in April

Once again I’m doing the A to Z Blog Challenge in April – on the blog,   This year I’ve chosen to do short stories and book reviews, so the whole theme is ‘stories’.  Among them are new pieces I’ve written just for the challenge.  That’s not quite true, I needed to write a couple of them somewhere, as they  are (to me) important back-story. 

Glory of Calella is a short story about a new character who appears in the next book, The Talent Seekers (or is that Humphrey Goes West?  I keep changing my mind).   It would possibly be nicer if it came out after the book, but maybe it is a little teaser all of its own. I hope my friends Bob and Doris like this one, since Glory is modelled on their guinea pig. (April 8th)

Uplifting Experience features Professor Saku in his laboratory just around the time that George’s strawberry juice plant was released to the world.  It solves a possible anomaly in the Traveler in Black and White. I have worried for a long time (about two years) how Hugo and Willow used a grav-sled to move the cases around when they first went down the tunnel.  The timing is very tight between George’s press release about inventing the strawberry juice power plant and the first trip down the time tunnel in Hugo/Mariusz’s world, and a grav-sled is very advanced technology. I woke up yesterday with the solution, so I wrote it down before I could forget it again! (April 24th)

Zyzygy is the last piece of the A to Z Challenge (surprise!) and is such a nice word that I decided to turn it into one of Fred’s Think Pieces, which are actually published on the George’s Guinea Pig World blog.  I have it in mind to include these pieces, which he wrote in the style of a scientific paper, in an anthology some time in the future, called the Chronicles of Marsh, or something along those lines. (April 30th)

I have a couple more titles for other letters – K, Q and X in particular – that could be part of the Princelings world or could be something else entirely.  I’m recycling some of the Teasers for books partly written that may or may not see the light of day.  It’ll be fun, anyway.  I’ll remind you of the A to Z Challenge nearer the time; you can keep up with it from the sidebar on the right of this website.


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