The Talent Seekers now scheduled for May

You helped me choose the title, and I was aiming for an April launch, but with one thing and another we’ve decided to put the publication of the Talent Seekers, book 5 in the Princelings series, back to early May. 

I think it makes sense not to rush either the editing or the cover!  I’m also doing the A to Z Blog Challenge on my blog and that takes a lot of time, since I want to visit other blogs and encourage them to visit mine.  It will enable me to have a proper promotion plan for Talent Seekers, although I confess that with Amazon playing silly games with the people that promote our free days, I’m not sure how useful those free days will be.

I hope you’ll visit the blog throughout April and read the extracts, short pieces and book reviews that comprise my ‘stories’ theme this year.  I’m running a Giveaway for the range of Princelings books plus some of my reviewed books as well, courtesy of the authors.

So apologies if it’s quiet here, but it’ll all be happening on the blog!  You’ll see the new cover and illustrations for Talent Seekers here first, though.


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