Six new princelings stories in the #atozchallenge

logoBack in February I announced three new short stories for April.  I was wrong.  The tally is six new ones, two extracts from an unpublished, and maybe never to be published, book and an alternative ending for Traveler.

The new stories are:

  • Glory of Calella – as previously mentioned, this is back-story for The Talent Seekers, which will now be out in May
  • Rajah of Nilgiri – ancient history, as Mariusz tells how he first met the mysterious ‘Rajah’ who he keeps mentioning
  • Uplifting Experience – features Professor Saku in a back story of the introduction of strawberry juice power plants into the Wozna production line, and an amazing discovery of his own
  • Vacuums and Vehicles – a completely new piece, part of a potential book, featuring Victor at home at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness
  • X Marks the Spot – still not written because I keep changing my mind about the protagonists.  It’s probably going to be another Dylan and Dougall short story.  One of these days these boys will get their own book!
  • Zephyrs and other winds – a change of title since I discovered I’d been spelling Syzygy wrong!  It’s still a story about Crown Prince Fred, but now he’s preparing to present his paper on The Nature of Wind at the first Natural Philosophy summer school, rehearsing it with George and Kira.

With this set of stories adding to the library of short pieces and other character pieces, I’m starting to compile something I thought of a while ago – a collection called The Chronicles of Marsh.  There might have to be a Volume 1, to be on the safe side.  And a collection of The Chronicles of Hattan.  All in good time.  There are more books to be written yet!

Watch out for these, and the Giveaway, and the discount on Traveler on Smashwords – all on the blog in April!



2 responses to “Six new princelings stories in the #atozchallenge

  1. It’s great that you’ve written so many short stories. They’re great to compile into anthologies or develop into novels later. All your titles and descriptions sound really unusual.

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