Back to normal – and five sweet things about me

Well, that’s it for Children’s Book Week.  The Giveaway closed about an hour ago and I’ll be pulling the winners out of the hat today.  Watch out for an email from me in your inbox – you’ll only have 48 hours to respond and claim your prize or I will draw the prize again.  I hope you enjoyed all the extra information about the guinea pigs that inspired the Princelings books, and also the pictures and other things to do.  I’ll link the pictures into the ‘Xtra Stuff’ in case they are useful in future.

On Saturday I was nominated by Rebecca Douglass, the Ninja Librarian herself, for the Super-Sweet Blogger Award.  Well, the guinea pigs were.  I have to make my own badge for the award and answer  five Diabolically Sweet Questions (guineas don’t eat sweets, and chocolate is poisonous for them – as it is for dogs – so I’m answering these for myself):

Cookies or cake?  Well, assuming we’re talking biscuits here, I prefer cake.  Although I like Jaffa cakes which may or may not be biscuits.  I like ginger nuts as well, they’re biscuits.
Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate chocolate, and vanilla ice-cream and any other sweet food other than chocolate.  I don’t like white chocolate, though I’ll eat it if that’s the only thing on offer.
Favorite Sweet Treat?  Well, I do like jelly babies, although I’d prefer it if they were made of veggie-gel.
When do you crave sweets the most?  When I’ve done something stupid like given them up for Lent. Otherwise, when something’s upset me.  I’m a comfort eater.  I must need a lot of comfort.
Sweet nickname? I call the boys “Sweetheart” most days.  Boys as in guinea pigs 🙂

Super-Sweet Blogger Award

Now to nominate someone else.  Well I can only think that it’s time Julie Grasso, author of Escape from the Forbidden Planet, should receive it.  She writes the sweetest books – with sticky chocolate and toffee cake with caramel cardamom sauce (or something like that!).  Congratulations, Julie!


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