What you like…

One of the options on my Kid Lit Giveway for Children’s Book Week was to tell me your favourite children’s book.

More than half the entrants completed this option, and I thought I’d share the results.  Many of them I’ve heard of, some I’ve read and a few are completely new to me.  One of them is such an old friend that I didn’t realise anyone still knew about it!  Guess which one that is!

You listed:

  • Green Eggs and Ham (top vote)
  • Wrinkle in Time series
  • The Benedict Society books (I must check those out)
  • Jane of Lantern Hill
  • Le Petit Prince
  • Bow-wow Bugs a Bug
  • Madeline
  • James and the Giant Peach
  • Heidi
  • The Boxcar Children series (I read a review of those during the hop and I think I’ll love them)
  • The Famous Five
  • ABC SuperHeros
  • The Recess Queen
  • Don’t Need Any Friends
  • Wodney Wat
  • A Fine, Fine School
  • Wind in the Willows
  • A Fish out of Water (PD Eastman)
  • The Princess and Curdie
  • Owl Moon
  • Just Because I Love You (Max Lucado)
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Pippi Longstocking
  • Junie B Jones

I’ve got a lot of reading to do to catch up on these.  I generally cite Wind in the Willows as my favourite, which makes me hope at least one of the prizewinners will also like my books!  The favourite I’d forgotten was The Princess and Curdie, which is a sequel to The Princess and the Goblin.  I’ve just downloaded the un-illustrated versions free to re-read!

Feel free to add more ideas in the comments below.


6 responses to “What you like…

  1. Oh! I have both The Princess and the Goblins and The Princess and Curdie, and liked them very much. I thought that would be the one you didn’t think anyone else remembered 🙂

    I do love Wind in the Willows.

    • I used to love Curdie. I know I reread it a while after I grew up, but still a long time ago!

  2. Funny story about Pippi Longstocking. I have long red hair, always have, and when I travel I wear it in two braids for comfort and neatness. Long ago, when I was young, I traveled around Europe in the usual way (i.e. broke and clueless). Somewhere in, I think, Austria (somewhere that they speak German, a language I do not know at all), I found myself more or less in the midst of a group of schoolboys. All around me I hear the incomprehensible babble, then one thing I understand: “Blah, blah, blah Pippi Longstocking! blah blah”.

    • That reminds me of a time I was on a station platform in Switzerland – an out of the way station. There was a Japanese family there doing the same change as me. The girl was about six, and I can’t remember what she was singing, but I joined in with her singing the tinkly downward refrain from Cats. Amazing what things cross borders.
      I’ve never read Pippi Longstocking. I don’t know whether it became popular after I grew up or what. I must read her some time. 🙂

  3. I discovered George MacDonald when I was in college, so never read them as a child.

    As for Pippi. . . I think she’d been around quite a while when I was a kid, but I don’t know if she ever had that universal recognition. Well, maybe in some countries!

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