Camp update 1

Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Lantern-Vertical-BannerI’m off to a good start with my Camp NaNoWriMo story – but then I have rewritten the Vacuums and Vehicles short story from the April A to Z Challenge (on the blog), added some new ideas and am now reworking the original Victor’s Story for a few chapters.  Word count at the end of day 3 is 4590,  just slightly behind schedule.

At the moment I’m playing with the idea of writing some in Victor’s voice (in first-person narrative), and other parts in third person (all-seeing narrator).  Whether it stays like that… well, feel free to say what you think.

Here’s a first look at a new part:

In the heart of Castle Deeping, Lord Colman tossed and turned in his bed.  He sat up and glared at the small high slit window. Its narrow beam of light shone on the wall above his head.

Six in the evening, Colman thought.  Far too early.

He hated the summer months.  Long summer days were not to his liking.  In darkness he was in his element. He could cope with daylight; he had to if he was to attend meetings of the Kings’ Council, which he must, as Lord of Castle Deeping.  No-one must even suspect his little secret.

Colman sighed, thinking of other secrets he was working on: the rajah would visit tonight – should be here already; Lord Smallweed would be delighted with his progress when they met tomorrow, and King Benson would soon discover that yet another of his so-called elite squads had been neutralised. He was particularly pleased with that coup.  He looked forward to tormenting the so-called hearing specialist over the next few years.

His mood transformed, he rose and went out into the cool dark corridors of the lower levels of the castle.  There was business to attend to.



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