Camp update 2

In which I pass the halfway point

Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Lantern-Vertical-BannerYes I’ve already written 25,551 words for the new story. It is extremely helpful to be reworking a story I wrote a long time ago but got stuck on, since I’ve had three years to work out how Victor should talk to Hugo, when Hugo is on the other side of the time tunnel from Book 1 (and book 4).  In other words, he hasn’t done any of his adventures in Book 1 yet.  He has done his adventures in Book 4, but Victor doesn’t really know about that.

What Hugo is up to is trying to right the wrongs he discovered at the end of Traveler in Black and White.  He’s after the Rajah, aka Blackbird, to try and get him to give back the money he’s stolen. However, the Rajah is trying to reintroduce Wozna (which he brews under licence from Hugo) to the realms, even though (in book 1) Wozna was withdrawn from the realms until about 6 years hence.  Hugo doesnt know that, and mustn’t know that, as it hasn’t happened to him yet. And Victor is trying to find George, who seems to have disappeared while helping Blackbird invent a plane that will help reintroduce Wozna to the realms in 6 years time.  Not that Blackbird knows that.

The question is, are you still with me?

Oh, and since people like them, I’m trying to make my chapter subheadings fun again. I don’t think I’ll ever do one as good as one in the first book “In which George finds engineers need people skills more than people need engineering skills”, but I’m trying.

Halfway through July already!


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