A new website

The Princelings books are independently published, and there is now a website for the publisher, mainly for book promotions and the like.  You can find it at PrincelingsPublications.blogspot.com

I was wondering whether this made this website, the Princelings Official website, redundant, but I don’t think so.  Not for the foreseeable future, at any rate.  This is specifically about the Princelings series, and includes background and extra information. It aims to give Princelings fans a special place with inside information.

The Princelings Publications website aims to focus on all Jemima Pett’s books, not just the Princelings series.  Some promotions on Jemima’s blog and here may be duplicated on the Publishing website, to help promote the books.  It also links back to here and Jemima’s blog, showing the latest posts in a sidebar.

The publisher site is brand new and will be growing rapidly over the next few weeks.  But if you’re a regular here, or on Jemima’s blog, you won’t miss anything!


3 responses to “A new website

    • Yes I had so much trouble on my first Ato Z Challenge that I followed someone’s advice and signed for a blogger id, just so I could use it for blogspots. Of course there’s no need for them to use the ****** Captcha, which you can’t read at all and have to renew five times at least to find one you can. (rant over)

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