Exciting news – a new paperback!

I’m bringing out a new paperback book in October!  The Traveler in Black and White has been set up for paperback distribution via Createspace, and I’m waiting for the proof copy to arrive from the USA.  Sometimes they can get held up in Customs.  I had a batch of Trilogies go missing last winter; eventually turned up three months later.  I think just one book shouldn’t have a problem though.

It came in at 190 pages, set in a slightly larger typeface than the Trilogy.  I think if I went larger with that it would be both unwieldy and very costly.  Traveler will probably retail at about $8 in the USA and £5 in UK.  Something like that, anyway.

I’ll be working on a paperback of Talent Seekers in due course. I don’t know whether that or the editing of Victor’s story will take priority, since I’m also working on my Dad’s biography.  Watch this space!


8 responses to “Exciting news – a new paperback!

  1. Crazy how long it takes to ship International. I’ve had books go missing within the US – what do they think is in there? 🙂
    Cool Mom/Christine M.

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