Website construction progress

avatar_georgeI’m pleased to report that so far things have gone well with the revamp of the website.  I’ve learnt a huge amount about putting these things together in the last two or three days, and learned lots of new terms – or rather, what they imply.

In fact the new website is almost ready for use.  The main problem is that the pages of Chapter Illustrations have completely lost their connections to the pictures, and I know what needs to be done to sort that out.  The site statistics will unfortunately go back to zero, but I will keep a spreadsheet of the old ones for any statistical purposes I have.  I will have to double-check internal links as well.

So I anticipate switching the address over some time next week.  It may be that you don’t notice until it happens – one day it’s pointing at this site, the next at the other.  I don’t know.  Of course it may go wrong and not point anywhere.  As there is unlikely to be anything important to announce next week, I’m hoping to activate it this weekend and hope it’s all live by next weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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