Website redirection complete!

avatar_georgeI’m please to say that the url now sends you to the new website.

If you currently receive notifications of new posts from this site, I think you wll need to sign up again at the new site, just to be sure.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  You can follow by email using the box near the top right of the new page, or WordPress users can also use the Follow button at the bottom corner of thepage.  Remember to go to the new site first!

If you come back here, try clearing your browser’s cache or history, then try to connect again.

Remember, all new posts will be on the new site from now on. The site will be advert-free, be able to display rafflecopter entry forms and sign-ups, also widgets like the Goodreads Giveaway (the Giveaway for Traveler in Black and White closes on November 15th).  Try it, I think you’ll like it!

There is a new six-part story starring Fred (and George in a smaller role) coming in December – Fred’s Yuletide Escape


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