The Princelings and the Lost City

Lost City coverThe final book in the trilogy starts with some strange goings-on in an unspecifed location in the Prologue, then moves to more familiar territory as  our guinea pig heroes, Princelings Fred and George, wait at Castle Buckmore for the arrival of Princess Kira from Dimerie in a flying machine.  George’s absorption in his power plants is overtaken by his enthusiasm for this new form of transport, while Fred continues to woo Kira, who is here to act as bridesmaid as her sister weds Prince Lupin.  After the wedding they set off on a routine visit to Castle Marsh, where Fred is now Crown Prince.  Diverted by an accident on the way, they arrive at a strangely quiet castle in the middle of the forest.

5star-shiny-webFrom then on, Kira starts acting strangely, and Fred is deeply upset.  Kira returns to Buckmore escorted by George while Fred takes a more relaxing trip back to the forest with a friend from a neighbouring castle.  What is the secret of the Lost City?  Are the old-wives’ tales of a civilisation ruled by females where no male dare set foot true after all?  Will Fred and his friend escape with their lives?  How many times can Princess Kira be kidnapped in one story?

The path of true love runs anything but smoothly in this tale of love, bravery, cruelty and loss.

Readers’ Favorite said:  The Lost City, Book Three of The Princelings trilogy is a great read for those who love fantasy with young male protagonists. The plot is new, interesting, and will engage your mind in the story. A great work was created by the author with this trilogy.

Ready for a taste?  You can sample the first few chapters at AmazonUK or  or Smashwords complete with their illustrations, or see the illustrations here.  Add it to your Goodreads list too!

The Princelings and the Lost City (Princelings of the East, #3)

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Facts about the book

First Published: July 2012 on Amazon, October 2012 elsewhere

Publisher: Princelings Publications

EReader formats:  Kindle on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, ePub for other eReaders

Language: English 

ISBN (Smashwords and other online stores):  9781301686346

ASIN (Amazon): B008NXEP5C

Words/Pages (approx): 58,500 words;  185 pages (estimated)

Age range/reading skill: confident reading skills needed for ages 10 and upwards (PG rating due to the activities of the totalitarian regime)


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