Principal Characters

Despite the fact they refer to themselves as people, or as persons when speaking about specific persons rather than people in general, all the characters in my books are guinea pigs.  That doesn’t stop them lounging around on chairs or sitting at bars.  Think Moley and Ratty in Wind in the Willows.

You can now download a pdf of the Character lists at the start of the books.  Click on the icon to open, or (for PC) right-click and “save link as…” to download to your computer. I’m not sure of the Mac routine to do that.

Book One: The Princelings of the East pdf button

Fred: Princeling of the Castle in the Marsh (also referred to as Castle Marsh by those who don’t adhere to the Old Ways), twin, but older brother of George.  Natural Philosopher.

George: Princeling of the Castle in the Marsh, twin brother to Fred, but younger.  The Engineer.

Hugo: An itinerant (travelling) salesperson, who is not what he seems.

Victor: Young Barkeep at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness.  Son of Argon.

Lupin of Buckmore:  Prince of Castle Buckmore.  Suave and sophisticated, noble and influential.

Baden: Lupin’s Steward, previously a Princeling of Castle Powell, but left to avoid the Succession Wars.

Mariusz: Lord of Castle Hattan.  Very influential in his own sphere and expects to be rich and famous forever.  And probably will be.  Well travelled.

Saku: professor of all sorts of science things at Castle Hattan.  Mad inventor?

Nimrod: Lady of Buckmore.  The wise one.  Also very noble and influential.

Lord Smallweed: One of the Barons of Vexstein, currently about third in the line of succession. Leading player in the Vex Brewing Industry. Needs watching.

Lord Darcy: another Baron of Vexstein, second in line and a lot less shifty than his closest relative.

Pogo: a minion in the line of succession at Vexstein, but working his way up the corporate ladder at Vex Brewing Industries.

King Cole: King of the Castle in the Marsh and of the Old School, but not too strict with it.  Fred & George’s sort-of grandfather.  Or maybe great grandfather. It’s complicated.

Prince Vladimir aka Uncle Vlad: Prince of Castle in the Marsh and fraternally placed in the line of succession.  Acts as King Cole’s Steward although he doesn’t have that title.  Fred and George’s uncle. Definitely.

Book Two: The Princelings and the Piratespdf button

Fred, George, Victor, Lupin, Baden, Vladimir and Lord Smallweed as before.

Bailey: a journeyman at Buckmore, responsible and knowledgeable but not yet fully qualified.  Acts as messenger quite often.

Harry Senior: the sommelier (wine expert) at Buckmore

Young Harry: a young person learning the trades of Buckmore, often sent on errands.  Harry Senior’s son.

Princess Kira: second daughter of King Helier of Dimerie, and a spunky young lady not afraid of hard work.  Not afraid of much at all, in fact.

Princess Nerys: first daughter of King Helier of Dimerie.  Kind and helpful, and ready to do her duty.

Miles and Morris: Nerys & Kira’s older brothers, Princes of Dimerie.

Frankie: a pirate on the Golden Guinea, likely to tell people what to do

Captain Starling: Captain of the Golden Guinea.  Given to wearing a large hat

Pippin: a small pirate with a handkerchief on his head for stylistic reasons. Helmsman of the Golden Guinea.

Captain ‘Feathers’ McGraw, aka King Ludo of Marsh aka the Pirate King.  Says it all, really.  Oh, his ship is the Meerschweinchen or the Mare Swine.  Wonder why he got a ship with a German name.  Maybe it’s Dutch?

Rum: red-headed pirate on the Mare Swine with a black eye patch.  Quite helpful really.

Arthur: princeling of Humber with big ideas about himself

Theo: princeling of Wold with a rather clearer view of his status in life

FGP: steward, secretary and general factotum to Uncle Vlad

Sundance: a person of mystery, generally thought to be in the Secret Service

King Lynn, Prince Hunston and Monty: King, Crown Prince and Steward of Castle Wash respectively

Robert: a major in the Western Marches army, in charge of the 25th Rifle Company, among others. Brother of Baden.

Haggis, Neeps, Baker and Chad: half the soldiers of the 25th Rifle Company

Book Three: The Princelings and the Lost Citypdf button

Fred, George,  Princesses Kira and Nerys, Lupin, Nimrod, Baden, Vladimir, Miles, Morris, Victor, Argon, Prince Hunston, Sundance, Robert and Haggis & Co as before.

Various Uncles and Kings at the wedding aren’t important to the story.

Pippin, the helmsman of the Golden Guinea, has given up pirating and is now working for George at Buckmore

Munch: a coach driver in the employ of Castle Buckmore, who is not all he seems.

Eleanor: Queen of Arbor, a female with a problem

Jess: a princess of Arbor, given to using pseudonyms

Rosebud: a princess of Arbor, full of girlish glee.

Maisie: the best friend of Princess Rosebud

Big Sylv: head of Security at Arbor.  Members of her security team are not individually listed.

Io: the proprietor of the bar at Arbor.

Jupiter: the proprietor of the bar at Buckmore.  (Jupiter and Io take up offers of running bars at different locations later in the series, and may appear in them in short stories)

The Traveler in Black and Whitepdf button

[some of these characters appear above, but the time tunnel adventure is some 8 or so years before The Princelings of the East]

Lord Mariusz – the charismatic narrator, also known as Hugo del Novo. Head of the Wozna Cola empire.

Professor Saku – scientific genius and inventor

Willow – a trusty and reliable operator

Ronnie – a storeman with a good head for business

Squeak and Jimmy – useful staff

Argon – a shrewd barkeeper

Victor – his young son

Gandy – his old assistant

Baden – a young and ambitious princeling anxious to leave Powell to make his fortune at Buckmore

Winston – his princeling friend, who doesn’t last long

Solwith – a shady character, interested in beekeeping

Dr Higgs – another shady character, with a sick aunt

Japp – a detective of sorts

Lady Nimrod – wisdom and elegance personified

Prince Lupin of Buckmore – a shrewd leader who likes to make out he’s a playboy

Pogo – a family member on the way up

Baron Darcy – Lord of Vexstein and head of Vex Breweries

The Hon. Smallweed – an ambitious business person looking for something on the side

Montgomery – a person with special skills who may not be all he seems

Raven – a queen who’s about to become an ex

Gus – bartender at the King’s Head

Robert – Lieutenant in the Lakeland Rifles, brother of Baden

Queen Meg – a lady who’s seen better days

Silv – head of security.  Big.

Calliope – bartender; Hugo’s type, when travelling

Princess Eleanor – a queen in training


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